Bloocell® BCRM


Bone & Cartilage Repair Matrix

BLOOCELL® BCRM is the symbol of a larger paradigm shift from “standard bone graft” treatment to tissue engineering. The product is used to provide adequate load-bearing support during bone regeneration, mimic the mechanical structure of tissue, and regenerate the tissue. BLOOCELL® BCRM is a tissue implant in the form of a 3D matrix consisting the repair and regeneration of degenerative and post-traumatic bone / cartilage defects.

  • Provides high cell proliferation
  • Bloocell Bioscaffold is flexible and durable
  • Strengthens the biomechanical structure
  • Accompanies regeneration



    General filler for bone defects
    Repair of periodontal defects
    Raising the base of the sinus
    Repair of metaphysial defects
    Repair of defects in long bones and limbs
    Treatment of arthrodesis and benign tumors
    Spinal fusion
    Repair of joints and cartilages
    Maxillofacial reconstruction and bone augmentation

and similar applications.

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